Comic Books - 'D'

Dagar, Desert Hawk
Dagar the Invincible*
Daisy and Donald
Daisy & Her Pups
Daisy Duck's Diary
Daisy Handbook
Dale Evans Comics*
Dandy Comics
Danger (Charlton)
Danger (Comic Media)
Danger (Super)
Danger and Adventure
Danger Is Our Business!
Danger Man
Danger Trail*
Daniel Boone* (Dell/Gold Key)
Dan'l Boone (Sussex)
the Danny Thomas Show
Darby O'Gill & the Little People
Daredevil (Marvel)
- Daredevil cover gallery
Daredevil Comics
Daring Adventures (I.W./Super)
Daring Comics*
Daring Confessions
Daring Mystery Comics*
Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love*
Dark Mysteries
Dark Shadows (Steinway, 1950's)
Dark Shadows (Gold Key, TV)
Darling Love
Darling Romance
Date With Debbie*
a Date With Judy
a Date With Millie
a Date With Patsy
David Cassidy
Davy Crockett (Charlton)
Davy Crockett (Dell/Gold Key)
the Dazzler
DC Comics Presents
DC 100 Page Super Spectacular*
DC Special*
DC Special Blue Ribbon Digest
DC Special Series (different sizes)
DC Super-Stars*
Dead-Eye Western Comics
Deadly Hands of Kung Fu (magazine)
Dead of Night
Dear Beatrice Fairfax
Dear Lonely Heart
Dear Lonely Hearts
Debbie's Dates*
the Defenders (Dell, TV)
the Defenders (Marvel)
- Defenders cover gallery
Della Vision
Dell Giant*
Dell Junior Treasury*
the Demon*
Dennis the Menace
Dennis the Menace Pocket Full of Fun
the Deputy
Deputy Dawg
Destroyer Duck
the Destructor
Detective Comics
Detective Eye
Detective Picture Stories
the Detectives
Devil Dinosaur
Devil-Dog Dugan
Devilina (magazine)
Devil Kids Starring Hot Stuff*
Dexter Comics
Dexter the Demon
Diary Confessions
Diary Loves
Diary of Horror
Diary Secrets
Dick Cole
Dickie Dare
Dick Tracy (David McKay, 1930's)
Dick Tracy (Dell)*
Dick Tracy (Harvey)*
Ding Dong
Dinky Duck
a Distant Soil
Dixie Dugan (McNaught.Columbia)
Dixie Dugan (Prize/Headline)
Dizzy Dames
Dizzy Don Comics
Dizzy Duck
Doc Savage (Gold Key)
Doc Savage (Marvel)
Doc Savage (Marvel, magazine)*
Doc Savage Comics (Street & Smith)
Dr. Kildare
Doctor Solar, Man of the Atom
Doctor Strange (1st series)
- Doctor Strange cover gallery
Doctor Strange (2nd series, 1970's)*
- Doctor Strange (2nd) cover gallery
Dr. Tom Brent, Young Intern
Doctor Who
the Dodo & the Frog
Dogface Dooley
a Dog of Flanders
Dollface & Her Gang
the Doll Man Quarterly
Dolly Dill
Donald Duck (Whitman)
Donald Duck (Dell/Gold Key/Whitman)
Donald Duck Album
Donald in Mathmagic Land
Don Fortune Magazine
Don Winslow of the Navy (Fawcett/Charlton)
Doom Patrol
Doomsday + 1
Doorway to Nightmare*
Dopey Duck Comics
Dorothy Lamour
Dot Dotland
Dotty Dripple
Dotty Dripple and Taffy
Double-Dare Adventures
the Double Life of Private Strong
Double Trouble With Goober
Down With Crime
Do You Believe In Nightmares?
Dracula (Dell)
Dracula (magazine, Warren)
Dracula Lives (magazine)
Drag N Wheels*
Dragstrip Hotrodders
Dream Book of Love
Dream Book of Romance
Dream of Love
Duck Album
Dudley Do-Right
the Durango Kid
Dynabrite Comics
Dynamic Adventures
Dynamic Classics
Dynamic Comics